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No upfront fees. Ever.

$ 0/mo

We thrive when you do.


Uplause charges a flat 10% commission. This fee lets us build a sustainable business to empower creators and allows us to provide features like:

  • Unlimited posts, videos, images

  • Unlimited links in OneLink

  • Unlimited calendar availabilities

  • Unlimited subscriptions

And many, many more things in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

  • When are payouts done?
    Right now, payouts are done 3 times a month: - 1st of every month - 11th of every month - 21st of every month Your money will never be held up without warning. Payouts are automatic and are credited to your bank account instantly.
  • How are payments handled with Uplause?
    Uplause lets you set prices in either INR (for users in India) and USD (for everyone else), allowing you to offer regional pricing for your audience. We support a number of payment methods to ensure maximum conversions.
  • What documents do I need to provide for payouts?
    We are obligated to perform KYC for creators using our platform. For this, we need the following documents: - Aadhar card - PAN card - Bank details to payout to
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